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Snare Statistics - Statistics on the hits to the sourceforge site and our own webserver are available from this link Snare Statistics.
The InterSect Alliance team provide a targeted range of software and services, specialising in the area of IT security event log analysis. InterSect Alliance, along with our partners, work closely with you to identify your company's key security objectives, with a view to creating a best-fit security event and log monitoring solution around your unique requirements. Most of our products are built on a foundation of open source software, which has enabled the InterSect Alliance team to develop software which is reliable and easy to use.

We have a strong belief that event and log monitoring is a key element in the future of IT security, and that the path to developing a mature and reliable set of tools is by genuinely sharing ideas and resources through an open source medium. InterSect Alliance have therefore released a range of open source security tools and resources, and we encourage users to download, use, and share these tools with others around the world.

The InterSect Alliance team have provided software and/or services to a wide range of organisations, nationally and internationally, including:

International AerospaceDefenceEducation
Federal and Local GovernmentBanking and FinanceManufacturing
InsuranceInternet Service ProvisionTelecommunication
TransportIT Outsourcing AgenciesNational Security
Snare Server
With its' origins in open source software, the Snare Server from InterSect Alliance provides a central collection, analysis, reporting and archival tool for a very wide variety of log formats.

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Snare Demonstration

Snare Introduction

Snare Agents

Snare Server
Click on a video above, to find out more about Snare and to access the Snare Demonstration Server
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